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Lockdown project - codename Great Wall

Apart from finishing various armies off, making a new woolen cloak for reenaction (all handsewn using no man-made thread and over 100m of linen thread) and converting various Playmobil parts into 30YW Dragoons based on some reenactor friends - I started the above project - Project Great Wall.

I have an attic which is part store and part workshop. It's so full of junk that it's spreading to other rooms and She Who Must Be Obeyed has had enough. So I have been sorting that out.

It's a massive task - like the Great Wall - because I can only do so long on it because of my bad back, but I am making progress, and I keep finding interesting things that I forgot I had.

I keep finding figures. Which isn't really a surprise, but at 300 litres (several large plastic boxes)of loose figures and counting, and not mentioning the boxes of figures I know that I have stashed in other parts of the house, I've reached the stage where I'm opening bags or boxes and thinking - now why did I buy you?

There is a broad selection of manufacturers - Strelets, of course; Airfix, Italeri, Esci, Waterloo 1815, even some Pegasus.

Has anyone else started a mammoth task during this time of tribulation? Let's hear about it.

Re: Lockdown project - codename Great Wall

I am afraid to open and count them. I have a big storage room only for the figures and vehicles (all scale 1/72). Still have some space left :)

My dream is to paint some when I am retired.

Kind regards,

Yevgen Chernov

Re: Lockdown project - codename Great Wall

Well I am retired and it is still a dream. I've got two rooms full of figures, Vehicles,buildings, terrain, my library, my DVD collection I've got about half of it sorted and catalogued I wake up in the morning and have my coffee and just look at it a little while and try to figure out ways to get more.

Re: Lockdown project - codename Great Wall

Well I am still at work never stopped really. I used to keep my models in the loft . But now having been a widower for 6 years I keep them in one of the spare bedrooms which is so much better .saw a program on tv once think it was about Airfix . And the guy on there said something which I had never heard of before which is ( STABLE ) which apparently stands for. Stash that’s acquired beyond life expectancy. Guess a lot of people have ever growing collections like that 😂😂😂

Re: Lockdown project - codename Great Wall

This is beginning to sound rather familiar to my own life...😎