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Re: suggestion for additional fantasy sets (LOTR)

Would it be best to leave fantasy sets to those companies that specialise in them? Many companies are outstanding in that field and I think these are more difficult to get right than many normal figures. The same applies to SF.

I am a great fan of specialism ie If you want third reich stuff go to Goebbels miniatures - it solves the compatibility problems and you get what you expected (still waiting for their goose stepping marching band that goes with their goose stepping troopers!) or those companies that do fantasy 46 stuff. Worth looking at the MODELCOLLECT 1:72 Fist Of War German WWII E75 Heavy Panzer 1946 Model Tank if you are into such things.

As for Strelet they will continue doing their own thing with half an eye on their customers. Keep producing those surprises say early war BEF???
This wasn't aimed at Strelets, but rather it was a disarticulated reply to this comment from Haron at Alliance/Orion. It was part of a thread about his figures, which does sort of illustrate your point about separation nicely. Orion do historical and Alliance do fantasy and they both of them very nicely.