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Re: Laurel & Hardy as French Foreign Legionnaires, bonus figures and mules?

Thank you for the pictures and links. Yes, Beau Hunks is a great, classic movie. And these two sculpts are outstanding figures! It would even be a nice surprise to have one of each our comedic Legionnaires as Bonus Figures in our S*R sets.

I did find Jaques thread at the other forum. Wow, he does really good coversions. Both figures and forts (thank you again Paintdog).

OK, have a great weekend all.

Re: Laurel & Hardy as French Foreign Legionnaires, bonus figures and mules?

Jaques should be congratulated with his wonderful rendition of "Laurel and Hardy" in the Foreign Legion. These figures are brilliant and you can actually tell who they represent and are not just generic figures.

I know of a metal figure producer here in Australia that wanted to produce some figures of Jacques Tati (the French actor - "Jour de Fete", "Monsieur Hulot's Holiday" etc) but needed to get permission from the owner of the rights to Tati's estate. As I have been to the town where "Jour de Fete" was made (filmed in 1947) and have befriended a very involved married couple in the local Tati museum, they contacted the owner of the rights - but unfortunately he would not give permission for the figures to go ahead. A sad end to what could have been a really interesting range of figures ... but I digress. I have seen some of Jaques work on the Benno's site and he is a very talented and hard working modeller. Keep up this great work !!!