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Calling Lerod


With respect, I don't think anyone on this Forum is 'bored enough' to play pc games - at least, not right now; and they are probably not inclined to have a look at '' or whatever you are calling it.

Anyway, I am refraining from clicking on the links - much too risky. But I would be pleased to hear about your experiences in modelling/wargaming 1/72 miniatures? How many Strelets figures do you have? Which sets, periods etc.?? That is likely to be more interesting to Forum members.

Best regards etc.

Re: Calling Lerod

He is determined, now he has posted on Friday`s thread.....sacrilege in my book.

Re: Calling Lerod

"Spare Lerod and spoil the child" as they say.

It would have been nice if he took the opportunity to ask Mr. Strelets for a mule/baggage train, and won us over.

Know your audience Lerod!