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Re: Nice week-end!

Alan Buckingham

I hope the FFL will be escorting/guarding a mule train set! lol

And is the hand-to-hand LRDG vs DAK a bonus figure or in a mixed \\\"combat\\\" set?
I\'m also wondering whether a mixed \'combat\' set might feature a beefy DAK soldier head-butting an SAS chap...caught by surprise while drinking tea perhaps....??
That would fall in to the category of no use in the me at least:laughing:
Indeed, would be of limited use, but a first nonetheless in 1/72. Maybe a bit too 'Indiana Jones'....:confused: DAK Heavy Weapons squad definitely more useful....

Re: Nice week-end!

Great to see more FFL after the artillery ones. Hopefully we see mules, mounted legionaires and some carts. That will be the full picture. And the icing on the cake will be Spanish soldiers for RIF War.

Re: Nice week-end!

Very interesting figures especially the French. Like the way they are crouched down trying not to get shot at! The idea of mules that has been put forward certainly has milage for many conflicts they were the essential form of transport. Personally I always fancied a mountain gun set which could be transported by mules. Not sure how that would pan out but it would be a great set!

Could do with more colonial French but of a slightly later period say the 1940-42 period for North Africa, Lavant, Madagascar and Indo China (too much too ask for Thai troops?) as they did seem to be in conflict with almost everybody except the third Reich.

Don`t click on the link

Most are worldly wise I know......

Re: Nice week-end!

Beau Geste and Sea of Sand. very nice.