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Re: Heads up

also the Nazgul dark rider Lotr

both dismounted and mounted

yes, likes the Steampunk! esp. the Wild Wild West (cowboy) style

Re: Heads up

Oooooh shiny!

Re: Heads up

Very glad that the promising & obviously popular Alliance series will be continued. :+1:
Personally, I would be interested in different mythology-related ranges.

Greek mythology:
- Gods, Demigods/Heroes & Men (Zeus, Poseidon, Pan, Athena, Dionysus, distinctive Heracles, Argonauts,...)
- respective selections of Cyclopes, Gorgons, Harpies, Sphinxes, ...
- different individual Creatures could possibly be combined (Cerberus, Hydra, Gryphon, Talos, Pegasus, Hippocampus ...)
As long-standing admirer of the unrivalled Ray Harryhausen, I wouldn't mind if certain characters would correspond to his designs to some extent. :wink:

This easily leads to Egyptian, Sumerian/Assyro-Babylonian or even Hindu mythologies.
- Anubis and other animal-headed figures like Horus, Bastet, Set, Sobek, Thoth, Sekhmet, Ra, Ammit (btw, any Bilal fans reading here?)
- Mesopotamian Anzu & Lamassu
- six-armed Kali or Durga, Ganesha

For each of these topic areas, we already have sufficient figures matching the respective historical backgrounds (Mycenaean & Classical Greeks, Egyptians, Assyrians & Indians, ...), but, in turn, it could also lead to:
- 19th & 20th century Adventurers/Explorers/Archaeologists, corresponding guides & porters (fictional characters, but historical dress & gear).
Equipped for different landscapes & climate zones, Arctic, Desert/Jungle & Temperate. For my part, no need for Pulp or Steampunk exaggerations.

Another worthwhile topic could be Norse/Germanic mythology & an extension to the Nibelungen Saga.
- Odin, Tyr, Ostara, Thor, Loki, Heimdall, Freya, Hel ... plus Fenrir, Midgard Serpent & Valkyries
- Siegfried & Fafnir, Kriemhild & her brothers, Brunhild, Hagen, Attila, Alberich ...
Although not perfectly fitting, already existing LOTR dwarfs & elves could still be used. If this is taken into account, please ignore the design of recent Marvel interpretations. :wink:

To cover the central aspects of Alliance' remarkable LOTR range, the most obvious missing figures would imho be:
- Hobbits, main characters in different poses (1 set)
- Gondorian heavy infantry & archers (2-3 sets, highlighting different battle phases)
- Gondorian heavy cavalry (1 set)
- Nazgul on fell beasts
However, if Alliance would expand their LOTR range to "civilian" topics, I would prefer daily life subjects of Middle-Earth Men & Dwarfs: aristocrats, miners, blacksmiths, craftsmen, merchants, ... These would offer far more possibilities for alternative uses (Nordic Mythology or Medieval period in general).

Not sure, in how far it is advisable to tackle further Movie & TV topics?
If Alliance would take this step, my favorites would undoubtedly be affordable Star Wars and Star Trek figures in 1/72.
Both franchises are highly unlikely but would hold almost endless expansion possibilities.

Great topic and thanks for asking, Haron! :+1:

Re: Heads up

How about a dark elves range in style of gw d.e. corsairs (sorry if someone wished), box based on russian(and may be local syberian, "siikhirtiya folk" for example) folklore and sci-fi range in classic, close to retrofuturistics style, based on books like dune or heinleine's space marines. I will not wish(wait, but i'm actually doing it...) space fantasy like edgar rise burroughs' barsoom warriors and jaffa from stargates cause is bit unusual but i hope their(and mine) day will come. *insert joke about french handgunners and pikemen for italian wars but in fantasy box if we can wish only alliance products*
Sorry for bad english

Re: Heads up

How about

Elves Cavalry (with Elve king an big deer or moose)

Dwarf 'Cavalry'

(see the movie battle of the 5 armies)

and for the 'Nomands' Mumakils(big elefants) and Cavalry

Re: Heads up

Hi Steve,

I have a similar project (in 25/28mm):

Greek Skeleton Warriors (based on Clash of the Titans)

Then I got carried away and discovered Apes in Roman Armour :-)

Ignoring the Apes, I can now do all the above in 1/72 except the Greek Skellies. They would be my request!!


Re: Heads up

I know the photos on the back of the boxes are hard to make out bot none of the figures in 72006 look much like Elvis to me.

Re: Heads up

Point taken Norgri, interesting observation....But then so far as I can see none of box set 72052 looks anything like Steps (UK band, formed 1997, not my musical taste, but who am I to say?)....

Re: Heads up

I'd buy Planet of the Apes (the original movie only). A set of cavalry Apes mounted and also infantry with that really cool rifle the apes used. Don't forget to include Chuck Heston and the other astronauts in both space suits and dressed down in chains. I would just use WWII G.I.'s if I wanted a battle against the apes.

I saw that movie as a kid at the drive-in theater in a convertible with the top down. Memorable and fun.

Both Planet of the Apes and The Terminator became surprise box office hits launching long running franchises. Nobody realized the appetite the average person has for sci-fi / fantasy themes, especially when well done!


Ape weapons.

All based on the two original movies, no mutant humans please.

Don't forget we need Ape artillery, they had at least one cannon in the ape army, ape wagons, the cage wagon and the cargo wagon, and ape horse cavalry. Not to mention Gorillas, Orangutans, and Chimpanzees in male and female.

It's a huge potential and while a few have been done in 12" GI Joe / Action man size, 8" from Mego and rather large 28mm and even 54mm none have been done in 1/72nd scale. They would be great fighting against the humans from the movie, role playing games, and even wargame against other animals / humans / creatures from the Forbidden Zone.

I think five sets would get us most everything we would ever need for POTA.

Ape Infantry, a dozen Gorilla combat poses, 48 pieces.
Ape Artillery, with a gun, limber, and four horses and Gorilla crew, and mounted Gorilla General.
Ape Horse mounted Cavalry with 12 different Gorilla poses and four horse poses.
Ape Wagons, with the cage and cargo wagons with two horses each.
Ape City Dwellers with the Orangutans, Chimpanzees, and one male, one female humans, including a mounted Orangutan, and Chimpanzee, and seated Apes of each of the three types.

I know I would buy a lot of these.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek


I'm hoping Linear-A's upcoming "Neanderthal vs Denisova Human vs Homo Sapiens" set #037 could be used for the far future post-apocalyptic humans from Charlton Heston's Planet of The Apes


Barrow Wights would be excellent, my favourite characters. I would hope they had the look of ghosts of bronze age warriors (northern Europe bronze age, not Aegean); some sort of fantasy creation would leave me cold.


Barrow Wights would be excellent, my favourite characters. I would hope they had the look of ghosts of bronze age warriors (northern Europe bronze age, not Aegean); some sort of fantasy creation would leave me cold.
Yes, Barrow Wights would be useful, and an interesting subject for a sculptor.

Whether they are a 'favourite character' might depend on whether you are hanging around an ancient Iron Age hill fort - of which there are a few not too far from where I live in Southern England - after dark on a misty night: potentially spooky!