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Re: Mystery solved!

Paint dog
It is curious, wonder who/what he represents? Maybe Strelets could enlighten us further?
I will refer you to the second of the two Osprey books on Napoleon's commanders.

In this lavishly illustrated book, a uniformed person that looks exactly like the Strelets' figure is labelled Capitaine H.L.E. Dreux-Nancre, ADC to Gudin. Find this on Plate c. #3.
The Osprey illustration does show a slightly curved sword.

There is some information on his uniform being a light cavalry version of an ADC's uniform. The illustration is taken from a contemporary portrait.

That's really useful Donald. It is always helpful to have an appropriately sourced reference from a book.

Re: Mystery solved!

James Fisher
That's really useful Donald.

I hope so, James.

There's a large number of really very knowledgeable members on this forum (your good self, included).
I know I've been given a lot of useful information so if, in my small way, I can help some one else, it is my humble way of returning the favour.


Re: Mystery solved!

Excellent research Donald, I think you’ve nailed it! Thanks for sharing.

Re: Help identifying officer in Shako in Napoleon Staff set #1

After so many experts speaking let me add my humble opinion.

This figure is meant to represent Hyacinthe-Louis-Ernest de Dreux-Nancré, ADC to général de division Gudin de la Sablonnière (yes, the very same Gudin who was killed during the 1812 campaign and whose remains were recently found at Smolensk). The uniform he is wearing is that of an ADC to a divisional general, of light cavalry style. And yes, the sabre should be slightly curved rather than straight, and the red brassard egded gold worn on the left arm and denoting an ADC to a divisional general is missing. And yes, the bastion-shaped lace on the breeches denote rank - three chevrons for a capitaine. [his name is Dreux-Nancré, not Deux-Nancré]