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Cent jour waterloo website

Some parts of the cent jour mont Saint jean website are now working. I got some pictures up from the Prussian Army, but not the French, British or Netherlands.

Re: Cent jour waterloo website

Great news. It would be a shame to lose such a valuable resource. I'd have to actually go back to my (shudder) reference books! LOL

Seriously, I've said it before an invaluable tool. Glad it seems to be coming back. Thanks for sharing the news, James.

Re: Cent jour waterloo website

That is encouraging news!

Re: Cent jour waterloo website

Wonderful news!

Re: Cent jour waterloo website...coming back to life

It seems that the Centjours site may have only temporarily 'Met its Waterloo' (ref: Edwardian, July 2020) and has been revived!! I have just had a look and could get uniforms for, amongst others, French, KGL and Dutch fact most now seem to be visible.

A 'Thank You' to whoever has made this happen!

Re: Cent jour waterloo website...Just for good order...

Having just checked I believe that all of the Cent jours website is now back and running.

The site seems to work as before, with only a few changes that I can detect: I think that some of the flags under the 'Etat major' tabs may have been modified, perhaps in the light of further research?

Whatever the case, this represents one of the most useful uniform reference sites on the Web.