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Re: Nice week-end to everyone

Samples for 2 different sets!!!
LRDG for Alan B and the desert crew AND a 37mm WW1-2 \"trench gun\" for the French, Americans and the Japanese...
This is going to be really tough for my budget...

Great work, Strelets!
Again, very nice figures.

A technical question: The Thompson SMG looks like one of the best I have seen modelled in 1/72, but I'm wondering whether the large 'drum' magazine was actually used in the desert? When the Thompson became available to the British Army in 1940 much was made in British propaganda shots of the image of a sub machine gun with a huge reserve of ammo. Winston Churchill was famously photographed looking like a 1920s gangster with cigar between teeth and a Thompson with drum magazine....BUT: the British army were less impressed and liked the smaller (30 or so round) box magazine in preference. It was handier, and (I assume) fitted into standard kit Bren magazine pouches whereas the round drum magazine did not.

So...did the SAS actually use this weapon in this configuration? Or should it have a smaller rectangular box magazine?

The small artillery piece looks interesting, but which army is it intended for? If there is any chance of it being used by the Italians in the desert as an infantry support weapon then I am interested.

Anyway...pleasing for Mr B, and interesting enough for me too, so a happy weekend to all!
Yes the Thompson was used with front grip and drum in the desert, the Brits took what was available, including some ordered for French army that did not arrive before they were overrun, there were diverted to Britain.

Re: Nice week-end to everyone

Looks brilliant to me and I'm glad I put off buying some metal LRDG figures. One question - will there be any vehicle crews in the set?

Re: Nice week-end to everyone

Fire at Will
Looks brilliant to me and I'm glad I put off buying some metal LRDG figures. One question - will there be any vehicle crews in the set?
If not,then when these sell like hot cakes,there will be a good case for set two!

Re: Nice week-end to everyone

Well just to confirm there was a loud "whoop" , and obviously delighted , looking foreword to both seeing the full set and getting my hands on them.

Re: Nice week-end to everyone

Alas, no use on the field of Waterloo (well unless i want to make some sort of time travel fantasy diorama! Im sure the weapons would have come in handy!!)

I am pleased for Alan to finally see the sets he has called for and waited a long time for, being realised.

They showcase Strelets "top of the game" workmanship yet again, show that they also listen to their customers requests and im sure they will sell lots......more money for those Napoleonic sets to get made!! 😁

Re: Nice week-end to everyone

Can I use 2 and 4 for Jordan’s Arab Legion in 1948 and possibly 1967?

Re: Nice week-end to everyone


Re: Nice week-end to everyone

I don't do WWII but these look like must have figures. Well done indeed!

There has been mention on this and a previous thread of Churchill holding the Chicago Piano; I would feel compelled to buy any set that had that figure in it too.

Re: Nice week-end to everyone

I don't "do" British but I would buy a set with Churchill with a Thompson SMG.

The well known Churchill photo.,_General_Dwight_D_Eisenhower,_during_an_inspection_of_US_invasion_forces,_March_1944._H36960.jpg

Churchill with a Thompson and Eisenhower.

Churchill with a Sten.

The real deal, own one today.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
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