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Re: Nice week-end to everyone

Can I use 2 and 4 for Jordan’s Arab Legion in 1948 and possibly 1967?

Re: Nice week-end to everyone


Re: Nice week-end to everyone

I don't do WWII but these look like must have figures. Well done indeed!

There has been mention on this and a previous thread of Churchill holding the Chicago Piano; I would feel compelled to buy any set that had that figure in it too.

Re: Nice week-end to everyone

I don't "do" British but I would buy a set with Churchill with a Thompson SMG.

The well known Churchill photo.,_General_Dwight_D_Eisenhower,_during_an_inspection_of_US_invasion_forces,_March_1944._H36960.jpg

Churchill with a Thompson and Eisenhower.

Churchill with a Sten.

The real deal, own one today.

Mike Bunkermeister Creek
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