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Re: Early WW2 subjects

I am sure the good people at Strelets will be quite interested to see what we have been discussing and suggesting for future possible sets. Compared to the "old days" where manufacturers probably did not take into account what was in demand other than "the usual suspects" eg basic German WW2 figures and the odd token opposition troops. Although at times some subjects can be a little "overdone" thinking of the range of both 1/72 and 1/35 scale German WW2 as examples... almost done to death and I sometimes wonder if there will be a set of German infantrymen brushing their teeth and combing their hair, as there has been so many variations on a theme over many years! ... and no I don't think there is a need for such a set !

So here's to Strelets approach of producing not just interesting sets, with fabulous animation but variations on the subject matter - look at the range of Allied troops made so far, New Zealand, Sth African, Indian, French Foreign Legion, 8th Army, Early American and looks like the LRDG coming soon (I can't wait...) then the range of Japanese subjects recently. So let's hope Strelets have lots of ideas from us (without too much pressure of course) to keep them busy and in business for many years to come.