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Re: Mule train etc??

mike b
How about Strelets releasing a 'Draught Animal' set comprising a couple of the mule-ox animal sprues from the Crusader Transport 1 set?? Maybe a couple of the Rif camel sprues??
You don't have to be Michelangelo to mould sacks/bundles/blankets etc from putty, or folded tents and tent-poles... Possibly components of dismantled mountain gun...
I agree 100%. Mules, pack horses, a camel or two in draught mode would be very useful indeed. Yes also to a mountain gun packaged for transit. Oxen would also be very useful for many eras, including Ancient, Medieval and Colonial. As you note, Strelets have these in other sets, and these animal poses could feature again in this new set. And as you observe, baggage etc from scratch is straightforward.

Incidentally, since you mention him: Makes me wonder what Michelangelo would have done with a few packs of 'Green Stuff' or 'Milliput Fine'?? Just think of the figures for the Italian Renaissance that he might have turned out, in 1/72 of course!!