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8th Army Heavy Weapons Squad

Hello all,
I love the Strelets 8th Army Heavy Weapons squad, but do you think it could also be used for the Far East as well, fighting the Japanese? I read somewhere that all 8th Army figures can also be used for the Pacific, as they are wearing tropical dress, but that seems too general to me.
I feel the British contribution to the Pacific war often gets overlooked. It would be nice to represent these fellows in 1/72 plastic.

Re: 8th Army Heavy Weapons Squad

They work for the early part, fall of Singapore , Malaya, retreat from Burma , but once you are in to 1943 the uniform starts to be practical for the Jungle ,no bare legs for insects and leeches etc.

Re: 8th Army Heavy Weapons Squad

What about a set about the 14th army also known as the forgotten army?

Re: 8th Army Heavy Weapons Squad

Thank you Alan, and I agree about the 14th Army Giorgius.