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Re: American Civil War field artillery...or Zouaves

(Neilad).... "Can I ask then would part of that expansion be a zouave set specific to the ACW, that has decent poses in the current sculpting style, ACW backpacks rather than the french style, ACW bayonets rather then knife style, chasseur style pants rather than baggy pantaloons?

Or can we expect a similar response in that you've already released a Crimean War Zouave set?


A good set of Zouaves would be almost more useful than an artillery set...especially since other artillery options (including 20mm metal) are available. In the UK 3 x Jacklex guns (3 carriages, 6 barrels) costs £7.50 + a bit of postage....

The Crimean French Field Artillery set is, incidentally, still available here and there in the UK (eg: Wonderland Models in Scotland). It is a good set, so perhaps Strelets might consider re-releasing it sometimes?

Re: American Civil War field artillery

Just for the record I have received my Jacklex cannon together with a gratis crew for which I am very grateful.

The cannon are detailed and look lovely.

However, in my opinion, the trail looks painfully thin and the Parrott barrel looks more 20pdr than 10.

It is the ‘look’ of the thing I seek as well as accuracy so compromises are in order here.

Nevertheless, the wheels are super and I am thinking of using them as 12 Pdr howitzers as the Confederates had fifty six of these at Antietam.

My SHQ pieces have twelve spokes so the Jacklex ones will be most useful to replace those.

All in all, not the complete answer but a very good compromise.

Thank you once again .


Re: American Civil War field artillery

Hi Chris,

Good to hear back. The trail in reality is less than 6 inch wide which equates to less than 2mm in 1/72, so while it might look thin is actually probably closer than you think. I think we are all so used to things in miniature being of a chunky style that we get a false sense when we see it in true scale.

I haven't seen the Parrot barrel as it wasn't included when I purchased mine. I see that there is additional photos on the Jacklex site now. It does look rather thick but it certainly isn't long enough to be a 20 pounder (it should be just shy of 30mm in length). Maybe it could lengthened a bit. There were a number of 20 pounders at Antietam as well and I have been looking for suitable barrels. I had some Thomas 20mm miniature parrot barrels that I thought were ideal for 20 pounders but do you think I can find them.....

Good luck with the project.

Re: American Civil War field artillery

Hi all
looks like most people have beaten me to the subject of ACW artillery which has been much on my mind lately.
It's a mystery why Italeri didn't produce a Confederate artillery set, and the Imex set leaves much to be desired, so the Rebels are poorly served for artillery.
Well, here's my little wish, or maybe lightbulb moment for Strelets to consider.
How about producing ACW Big Box artillery sets? These could include limbers and command figures with an assortment of guns! As a collector/modeller I like to see a means of moving guns around!
I'm more of a collector/modeller than wargamer but as I assemble my ACW armies I'm frustrated by the lack of artillery!
If Strelets should go ahead I'll buy 2 or maybe 4 each, Union and Confederate - looks like there are plenty more people wanting artillery............
I just hope they don't take too long as I'm getting older - 67 next month! (Ouch!) and I wonder if I'll see half the things I'd like to!
Well, stay safe and have fun, and maybe dream fantasize about Big Box sets............
Best regards to all

American Civil War 1/72 naval and coastal artillery

Not field artillery but very nice too, and easily overlooked. Just in case you are not aware of the existence of this set. I think every collector should own one.

Re: American Civil War 1/72 naval and coastal artillery

Master Kunz
Not field artillery but very nice too, and easily overlooked. Just in case you are not aware of the existence of this set. I think every collector should own one.
That is a good looking model.... and not one that I was previously aware of either!