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Re: Leuthen

Sounds great, donald! That's a small(er) but crucial bit of a big battle..... Will you be posting some images (somewhere) of this re-fight?
With the forces I have, there's no way of doing the whole battle. Indeed, I think I'd like a few more units, especially for the Austrians.

I'll stick some photos & an account on Bennos & the HaT forum (including my frequent plea for SYW cavalry!).


Re: Leuthen

Agreed...for the main Austrian army you'd need another c. 40 battalions of Infantry and, amongst other things, about a dozen regiments of Cuirassiers....!! So far as the latter are concerned, that's a lot of boxes of figures that do not yet exist.

Will look forward to photos when they are posted.

PS: have you decided whether you are the Austrian or Prussian commander??