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would be great gas masks on chests some scots for the 51st highland div would be a bonus too


Actually James some Napoleonic Greeks would be quite handy and very colourful!


For many years a certain company has said it is going to produce a WW2 BEF set and a set of American GIs. Unfortunately, every time someone posts a comment on this subject it is swamped by the same Napoleonic modellers demanding more and more obscure subjects.:rage:

Is it not time that Strelet takes over the mantle from this company and produces this important subject? Both a heavy weapons set (including the the 1934 French 25mm AT) and infantry set would be useful. A set of BEF artillery crew would also be useful.

Considering it was these forces (including Commonwealth and free forces dressed in the same uniform) that held the line against the Axis forces until the Americans and the Russians (what do the Russians call the period before the \'Patriotic war\' when they fought WITH the Germans - or is airbrushed out of history?) finally, entered against the Axis.

Such figures have a wide potential of uses France, Low countries, Norway even early raiding parties, and of course \'Sealion\'

Certainly,sets like British and American tank riders and british heavy weapons sets by HaT sell out quickly when available. I am sure that WW2 BEF would a potentially a financially successful product for Strelet.
Im not sure id call Napoleonic Austrians or Borodino era Russians obscure!! 😉
Also what may be obscure to one person, may not be to others. Im sure other people look at other eras sets and think WTF??!!

I know the thread of which you speak and even though not my era, i fully agree that the BEF set you talk of should be a priority just as much as the Napoleonic Austrian & Russian MAC sets if they were promised long ago like a large list of other sets that have gone "MIA".

I dont think "Nappy" fans were hijacking that thread, mainly pointing out to Hat that certain other sets were also planned along with the WW2 BEF. In other words sticking to the threads feel of "Hey Hat, where the hell is....."

So no harm in asking Strelets to make any sets promised by one manufacturer, if Strelets can actually get them to see the light of day a whole lot faster.

Also Hat is now asking for ideas for other sets in the same BEF thread so you need tell them off!!!! 😂


Would love to see some BEF, especially as we've just had the 80th anniversary of Dunkirk, infantry and heavy weapons be great. As for artillery the Mk XIX canon has an early war British crew.


What I really envisage is a standard infantry BEF set. I am not too keep of the inclusion of the tommy gun - bren gun , grenade thrower, rifles please. If an officer is included please not that cheesy pose of waving his pistol in the air like he is shooting pigeons so beloved by certain manufacturers.

If the tommy gun is wanted why not include it as the 'extra figure' as the famous Churchill propaganda pose of holding a tommy gun while smoking a cigar!

You might consider might consider making a BEF Command/ Heavy Weapons set with radio operator, mortar team , Boys AT rifle team and medical poses.

If a Vickers is included please can we have the condensing system, spotter and the ammunition carrier which are usually ignored.

The GI set would also be useful based on reality rather than lots of automatic rifles and machine guns!

It's a tall order but at least i've tried!


""It's a tall order but at least i've tried!""

Thats all any of us can do when it comes to asking for any sets we think would make a great addition to our hobby.
You certainly stand more chance of someone following up on that request on here.

Why another manufacturer has become so ridiculously slow and lost their way so badly (in terms of quality as well as speed), is strange. I can only think that they have been taken over by a company who makes other injection moulded stuff, and prefers to concentrate on whatever that is instead of figures. Even more strange when they said crowdfunding would be a way of getting sets made quicker as could afford to start up another production line, yet made no difference whatsoever. Wouldnt even entertain the idea of crowdfunding due to them.


To sound a note of caution I think the reason the 'other manufacturer' 'has become so ridiculously slow and lost their way so badly' is that they overstretched pandering to strident completists on their forum. Those moulds are very, very expensive and if the sets don't sell well it takes a long time to recoup the losses.