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Suggestions for a SYW game

It's about 4 years since our last one. I've been working on my Prussians & Austrians over the last months so I'm primed & willing to have a game & at least one of my pals is available for next weekend.

But what game? Not a major battle (or, at least, not the whole thing). The available Prussians outnumber the Austrians (18 batts. of infantry to 10 batts. with commensurate cavalry and artillery) but the Austrians are more powerful in terms of light infantry. Clearly I don't have to use everything but a game with a Prussian superiority in numbers is OK.

Something historical (unless someone has a suitable 'what if' scenario). I thought of First Landshut, Reichenberg or even Hastenbeck, substituting the existing armies for the actual antagonists.

Any suggestions welcome.


Re: Suggestions for a SYW game

Dear Donald,

I don't know if it would fit/suit your purposes, but we played an enjoyable and challenging game using Charles Grant (jnr)'s scenario of the Action at Pretzsch, 29 October 1759 ( a while back (in fact a couple of times). Increasing numbers of Prussians trying to cut off a retiring Austrian force trying to get over a single bridge. There are crucial decisions of timing of the retirement (or headlong retreat) for the Austrian and where to apply pressure for the Prussians.



Re: Suggestions for a SYW game

Opportune suggestion, James.

I actually have a scenario book (the Grant & Asquith one) that I'd forgotten about.

I'll look through it.



After some thought, on Saturday we'll be fighting the crucial action on the Austrian left flank at the Battle of Leuthen.


Read here for an account + maps

The Austrians re-enforced their right flank, expecting Fred. to attack there but he counter-marched & hit their weakened left flank, targeting Nadasty’s Corps. We’ll be gaming *this* attack.
The Prussians need to take Leuthen village to roll up the Austrians before re-enforcements came to garrison the village. Our game will end when/if the Prussians reach Leuthen by Turn 8.
That’s their Objective. The Austrians simply (!!??) need to stop them. They get Ratowski's cavalry brigade as a re-enforcement on Turn 3. Otherwise, they'll be heavily outnumbered.
What happened after the Prussians reached Leuthen will be a game for another day.

I’ll have the table already set up as per history (scaling down the numbers used eg 17 battalions of Prussian infantry versus 10 of Austrian + requisite cavalry, artillery, staff & light infantry). Having the figures on table means the Austrians’ surprise at Fred.’s appearance can be simulated (ie they’ll be facing the wrong way!)


Re: Leuthen

Sounds great, donald! That's a small(er) but crucial bit of a big battle..... Will you be posting some images (somewhere) of this re-fight?

Re: Leuthen

Sounds great, donald! That's a small(er) but crucial bit of a big battle..... Will you be posting some images (somewhere) of this re-fight?
With the forces I have, there's no way of doing the whole battle. Indeed, I think I'd like a few more units, especially for the Austrians.

I'll stick some photos & an account on Bennos & the HaT forum (including my frequent plea for SYW cavalry!).


Re: Leuthen

Agreed...for the main Austrian army you'd need another c. 40 battalions of Infantry and, amongst other things, about a dozen regiments of Cuirassiers....!! So far as the latter are concerned, that's a lot of boxes of figures that do not yet exist.

Will look forward to photos when they are posted.

PS: have you decided whether you are the Austrian or Prussian commander??