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Re: Prussian hussars

They will be definitely be a welcome addition to my Prussian Army - and I do think might, with a little imagination, be used in other capacities. I'll have to research that a bit more, though.

Re: Prussian hussars

I an also looking forward to the three Prussian sets they will double my Prussian cavalry the other sets are by hat i have a feeling that they will be shown up by the Strelets trio.

Re: Prussian hussars

Wonderful figures, great sculpting & poses and an excellent quantity with 12 hussars & 3 civilians per box.

Thanks a lot for this and all the other relevant sets adequately acknowledging a large number of important battles 1812-15. :+1:

Re: Prussian hussars

I agree that the forthcoming Prussian sets are great. I think I will buy several boxes of the Uhlans for sure, as these not only look like on parade but can also be used for Uhlans on a battlefield awaiting orders. So very useable.

The Dragoons & Hussars i will also purchase a couple boxes for diorama purposes, but would really of loved to of seen them done with swords drawn, resting against their right shoulder, at the walk. Again would of suit a parade or battlefield.
Perhaps an idea for future sets.

Either way,im looking forward to expanding my Prussian army.

Re: Prussian hussars looks as they are in productions there will be good chance to see the sets in the shops in the next months... :nerd_face:

Re: Prussian hussars

I think I'll have to get all three sets with an eye to turning the dragoons and hussars into uhlans and the uhlans into dragoons which should be fun. The civilians will be fun straight out of the box.:relaxed: