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Re: Bavarians in attack


Love the casualty figures. I have no Bavarians what a great set to start with!

All my previous Nappy units were 24 figures. Since I started painting these new boxes of Austrian Grenadiers and Russians I have based them up as 45 figure units. Wow! They look great!

Huge amount of painting per one unit but man they do look good. Having the command match the pose of the unit and then having variations of the troopers is great. Looks so good and varied. Love this scale and products.

Reminds me of the first boxes of Airfix Nappy's I bought as a kid. No painting, whole box on one base, as a unit to play with. Until they all fell off because the glue wouldn't hold...

Casualty figures are really helpful for gaming. much better than rings or chits or dice etc.