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Re: Battle of Agincourt / 100 Years War / War of the Roses

Wow, fantastic gentlemen! Thank you, all for taking so much of your time for this. I've spent the whole morning here reading word-for-word your well written and thoughtful comments and recommendations. I also checked some links which also led to a few YouTube shorts.

As I confessed, I'm a beginner in this subject. I now know many new time period words and terms which led me to more info. I can now claim to know the origins of the St. George's Flag and the Union Flag and their evolutions. I always was curious about them. I've also got a beginner's understanding of liveries, heraldry, shields as identifiers and banners concerning Knights, Men-at-arms, Archers and more. Just a taste, however, and thirst for more learning.

Below I've added a link for a History of Britains Herald Swoppets which is quite sophisticated and informative. The Swoppets were my very first soft plastic figurines in my childhood, but too expensive, so I moved on to 1/72 Airfix, etc since then. But I never could shed my fondness for "The Swoppets look and style." The discovery of the former Giant of Hong Kong Swoppets from the Gold Crown comic book games and acquisition (long ago) of some of these nice figurines led me back to this today.

So, I promise to keep at it and learn more and little by little build up my army of Knights in shining armour! Thank you, again - Link (if you look, know that the top left corner of the Home page sub-titles are actually buttons to each section of the site):

GC - :sweat_smile:

P.S. Any further information from anyone will be much appreciated.

Re: Battle of Agincourt / 100 Years War / War of the Roses

One practice was for armies to adopt a fieldsign,the most famous of which was a sprig of broom, planta genista in Latin when then evolved into the surname Plantagebet the line of English kings ending with Richard III.

Re: Battle of Agincourt / 100 Years War / War of the Roses

Thank you, Graham. Of all that I've read and seen and watched to help answer my questions, your info is a new one!

Especially helpful for me are the great links suggested herein showing painted and described figurines as well as some very vivid computer graphic's battle scenes on YouTube. I get the impression all were done by serious people interested in historical representation. I'm afraid the full-length movies set in this time period were lacking in visual details and historical accuracy, although entertaining. The movies did, after all, re-awaken my curiosity in this fascinating period of military history.

OK, all you guys, thank you so much again! - GC