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Re: So Strelets, how about.........

Roger W

I would also add maybe some British redcoat Light Infantry such as the 51st, 52nd & 71st regiments could also be portrayed skirmishing perhaps? I know they often fought like line regiments, but they were trained and did operate as skirmishers during the Peninsular War.
These figures could also work as light companys for line regiments also in the Peninsular. The Hat set of British Light Infantry wasnt the best and could do with replacing.

I also agree that Strelets could do with making Firing/in action sets for the nations too. All these standing around sets are very nice, but if someone wants to depict a battle in progress, they have limited uses.
Yes, I agree Roger. Time for a really good set of British Light Infantry skirmishing/Firing Line.

The HaT set filled a gap when it came out, but it is certainly no-where near the best Napoleonic infantry set produced by that manufacturer, and has quite a few flaws. Time probably for it to gracefully 'retire'.

Re: So Strelets, how about.........

Some Peninsular War British Line Infantry might be a good start... They could even be wearing breeches and gaiters if you like C.1807...And marching smartly...

Re: So Strelets, how about.........

Yes to marching Peninsular British, BUT once they had marched to the battlefield, lets have them holding their ground defending at the ready, firing volleys when the French columns came into range and then advancing/attacking when they had stopped the columns and had them routed!!!!
Those kind of sets (defending/at ready), (firing) & (advancing/attacking) are also needed for the rest of the nations. The 1815 British line still need firing and defending/at ready sets.

In fact Strelets were getting the right sort of format with their ACW range, Yes marching and standing about. But also sets firing, at the ready/defending or holding the line to give it another name, & of course advancing/attacking, some sets of which have been done for some of the Napoleonic nations already.
Its a format which was a good idea for the ACW range, & would lend itself perfectly for the Napoleonic era too.

Re: So Strelets, how about.........


Good idea re Skirmishers and Riflemen of 60th, 95th, Sharp's chosen men and KGL.

The ACW range has an excellent set of Skirmishers to use as basis just lose the ones lying down and few more scuttling bout and officers / nco directing affairs.