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Colours...Hundreds of 'em !!

Here's a site for those who really need to get to grips with the technicalities of how a particular colour is made up, its shades etc. It is useful for identifying how a colour can be lightened/darkened/intensified/muted, so quite good if you like to shade and highlight uniform colours in the painting process.

Link is to Rifle Green, but there are hundreds of named colours on the site here:

In using this site, I find it easiest to start by clicking on the 'colours by name' tab which is just under the search box/magnifying glass symbol. This then gives a drop down to literally hundreds of named colours. Based on a scan of the names, I have a feeling that this is a North American site, and the names are modern and would not be recognised in many cases by a French Napoleonic tailor for instance...what would they make of an instruction for 'Jazzberry Jam' facing colour on a dragoon tunic??!! But the site is nonetheless useful.

The web pages have an annoying pop-up advert before you get to the main content, so just ignore or close this ad....unless you like pop-up ads of course.

Shades, tones and tints of each colour are shown, and there is even information on how the colour appears to those with less-than-perfect colour vision.

Re: Colours...Hundreds of 'em !!

Great site that. Very interesting to look through. That rifle green looks about right. If i feel the look still isnt quite right, I might have a go mixing some colours to make my own rifle green. I keep the empty Vallejo bottles and wash out just in case. Have to remember to keep a record of what I mixed and by how much. I think out of the 4 bottles of green I ordered, I might have got the colour i want.
But of course the colour pallet and whats in the bottle/tin dont always match up!!!

But the big question is......What is a Jazzberry??!!

A fruit that likes to play the trombone??!!!