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Re: future WSS sets release

Thanks for your response although it answers only the obvious part. A mid term perspective of further projects - like your Napoleonic sets – would have been quite more interesting and helpful.

I can wait, when I know, what will still come. So I can wait and hope to see before christmas still more than only the british cavalry.

It was and is still great that you have begun the WSS range. And I hope that you have produced higher numbers of the WSS sets. Many of them are actually already sold out.

Have a nice weekend

PS: Arabs and desert commandos are of no use at all on Flanders fields, unfortunatly.... ;-))
So far we have had five very good or excellent WoSS sets (all the British sets, French Fusiliers, French Grenadiers), one perfectly useable one (in my view, the Musketeers on the March set is OK) and a couple of largely redundant ones - the Musketeers Firing and forthcoming Pikemen sets. So I am pretty much with Edwardian in reflecting that the 'score' is something in the region of 5-3 (or in my case 6-2) to the positive.

I am hoping of course that this 'score-line' only represents a half-time score.

Strelets are to be congratulated (again) on this range of WoSS figures. They took a 'punt' on an historical period which had not really been covered before, and so far it looks to be successful. At the time of writing at least one of the British sets is hard to find (the Firing Line set is sold out in the UK) and I believe that since it was released - which is really not that long ago - the British Infantry in Advance set has sold out at least once over, possibly twice over, with the main retailers here.

I will admit to a certain amount of frustration nonetheless that none of these 8 sets has so far been cavalry. Releasing the British Cavalry set would have been so much better (from my view anyway) than releasing the historically inaccurate set of pikemen. I will end up buying 8 or 10 sets of the British cavalry, but will not be buying any of the pikemen, I think. I just do not need them, and they have no place in a main French field army after about 1700. I suspect that, when they are released, the British cavalry will sell as well as the Infantry sets have done. But I suspect that retailers may have boxes of the Pikemen lingering for many months, and will not re-order them, unless someone with a large budget decides to create a fantasy army for the early 1700s, featuring large 'Renaissance style' pike blocks of troops in tricornes.:upside_down_face:

So, for the time being I have no option than to start using the pile of Zvezda cavalry sets that I accumulated before the Strelets WoSS range started. These are fine figures, and they are shaping up nicely as French Line cavalry, and will provide Dutch and Danish Cavalry as well. I will be leaving a large hole in the Allied battle-line for British cavalry, and the place of honour in the French battle-line for the Maision du Roi will also be left vacant pending further news.

Hopefully, Strelets will give us more news on WoSS Cavalry before, say, October.

The other consolation is, of course, the prospect of the the Baden-Baden Camel Corps du Roi mentioned elsewhere in this Forum; it was actually a 'LeibGarde' not 'du Roi' formation, and in the pay of the King of Bavaria, but I will not be picky. It was a colourful corps, with sulphur-yellow coats faced light blue and light blue camel shabraques, unusual light grey tricornes, and armed with short musketoons...(rather like the armament of the Musketeers Firing set)....a brace of pistols and an Arab scimitar (so, for the models ring hands and separate blades please). They played some part in the early stages of the campaigns in Spain, but the camels could not be transported across from Africa, so the corps had to 'fight' mounted on donkeys instead. I understand that by 1707 they were worn out and, in desperate need of cooler climates and some nice cold beer, abandoned their mission and made it on foot back to Germany

Re: future WSS sets release

Like everyone else I would love to know what is in store for the WSS. We saw lots of masters back in March/April, but would like to know what the plans are for these.

Congratulations on the range so far, there have been some excellent sets (minus musketeers firing line perhaps...). The British infantry in advance are probably the pick of the bunch in my opinion