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Re: pointless

Roger W
I assume the "pointless" title of the post is more what you think of brush sizes, rather than the state of the brushes!!!!

Thanks for the advice. Thats right about not mashing the brush tip, something I try not to do.
What I didnt realise was the paint getting in the ferrule can affect the points. So thats something learned, thanks for that tip.
Roger, sometimes it's hard to know what is common knowledge & what is a useful tip.

I hope I don't come across as some sort of know-it-all. I pick up more tips & useful information than I give here.


Re: pointless

No Donald you dont come across as a know it all, dont worry. If you have experience and knowledge to share, dont worry what some individuals might think. Many will be glad of the advice.

You have provided a lot of helpful advice. Just because I already knew about not "mashing the brush", this doesnt mean someone else who may read this thread does. So all the tips given are of good use 😊👍.

There are some who visit the site but dont actually post, so they might of been helped too.

You've all been very helpful, and even though I have been painting figures for couple years now, i have learned new tips from this thread. So a big thank you to you all.

Re: Brushes

Steve Pickstock
Seeing as how we are talking about painting and useful products, may I also mention the humble Pringles tube top?

The plastic ones, the seal ones not the foil tops you rip off.

For many years I have used the plastic tops as mixing palettes, the lip means the paint stays on your palette. Plus when it is covered with paint, if you flex the palette and make the dried paint crack, you can peel it off and the palette is clean again. Simples!
Yes, great idea Mr P. I use small clear plastic snack sample trays which my wife used to get in the post every month on a 'try this sample of nuts, seeds, super-spicey rice crackers etc etc'; she ate the snacks, I then got the trays! I've got a stack of them now, as they fit neatly together. But Pringles are tastier and the plastic tops are just right as small palettes. I'll buy some Pringles next time I'm out and about.:grinning:

And now The Works have re-opened, I'll go and stock up on brushes too....

Re: Brushes

Cannot argue with any of the above , probably twenty brands of brush on my table, used everything over the years, and they all have a shorter life than they would have had ,if only I had taken as much care cleaning them as using them.

Re: Brushes

"...and they all have a shorter life than they would have had ,if only I had taken as much care cleaning them as using them."

Thats it, Alan...
Never let the color dry on the brush and clean them often during painting...and your brushes will be your comrades for many years...:laughing:

Re: Brushes

I used to buy my brushes from the works but the smaller sizes didn't seem to last very long..
I now buy from a seller on ebay you can buy either a mixed set or a set that has all ooooo size brushes which I buy.
The brushes are made of wolfs hair and seem to last longer than the works brushes & are easy to clean
You get 10 brushes for £5 the seller is of course is in china and trades under the name tgg 591 if you want to try them out.:wink:

Re: Brushes

Mr Steve Pickstock!
Amazing affair the Pringles plastic top!
Great idea that I'll follow for sure
Thank you very much indeed

Re: Brushes

I started using an AK 00 paintbrush recently and I'm really satisfied with it.

Re: Brushes

I started using an AK 00 paintbrush recently and I'm really satisfied with it.
They do look good dont they? Might get a set of ABC brushes and 1 or 2 of these in 000 size and see which i prefer. May be little difference, but i need stock up on brushes anyway.
During all this lockdown business ive done fair bit painting and some my brushes are looking very tired!!! Need stock up on paint too!!

Problem is, it still doesnt look like ive made much of a dent in my boxes of soldiers!!!

Thanks for the suggestions 😊

Re: Brushes

Speaking of clearing down the 'stash'...
I'm currently cleaning up my attic, and keep finding boxes of figures, sprues or just individual figures. So far I am up to over 200 litres of figures, in terms of large plastic boxes.
And that is not even counting the scenery, 28mm stuff, 1/16th scale tanks, books, materials, model boats, steam punk gear, reenacting equipment, CDs etc that are up there as well.
I can only do so much at a time because of back problems, but I think this lock down will need to end in 2024 before I get the place cleared and then I can start getting some of it finished.

Re: Brushes

If people keep throwing wild partys, gatherings and invading beaches like its D-Day, a longer lockdown might very well happen!!!

Re: Brushes

I started using an AK 00 paintbrush recently and I'm really satisfied with it.

but sometimes it is better to use an AK 47...:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Re: Brushes


Re: Brushes

i'm another person using firstly the Boldmere (The Works) brushes for detailed work while they are OK then general painting. But for fine detail I have the ABC brushes. For a painting palette I use left over lids from test paint pots in the same way that Steve Pickstock uses Pringle tube tops