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Re: Prussian staff contribution

Very fine job...congrats. Ciao

Re: Prussian staff contribution: suggestion

Gerd, I join the chorus in singing your praises.

Could I also make one suggestion?

The faces lack a little definition. There's complicated & easy ways to make their facial features "pop". The easy way is Step 1. below. Slightly harder, you can follow up with Step 2.

Two steps: firstly, put a wash of skin colour over them (hands too).

This settles in the hollows & leaves the high bits alone (ie will fill eyes but not noses).
It's easy to do & if you put too much on, a tissue (through osmosis) will take out the extra.

Secondly- if you want to but not vital- go back to your original flesh coloured paint. With a very fine paint brush paint ( I use a 0 but it needs a point), a line on the nose, two dots on the cheeks & (if not covered) a line on the forehead. This is not that hard with practice.

OK which wash?

I like GW's Reikland Fleshshade but there are others:

NB a wash NOT an Ink BTW.

Strelets' figures have great faces & this will make them come alive.


Re: Prussian staff contribution: suggestion

Great tip about the faces. Think I will give the skintone washes a try too.

Re: Prussian staff contribution: suggestion


I am very glad that you like my little diorama with the General Staff. The Prussian General Staff is a very early set of Strelets, but contains many great characters with different poses and uniforms.

Yes, I still need to improve the painting of the faces.

I had first covered the recesses (eyes, mouth) with a dark brown washing in the faces of these figures. But when photographing with zoom, the faces looked as if the generals had worked in a coal mine. :confused:
On the Gneisenau figure, which stands on the left side of the table (with coat), you can still see remnants of the dark wash on the face.

So I painted them over again and painted the details with a fine brush.

But I am very grateful for your tips, because I am not satisfied with the faces yet.

I try to make it better in the future...

@Minuteman: Correct, some of my Pomeranian musketeers and Westphalian landwehr-men are used as staff-guards :+1:

Re: Prussian staff contribution: suggestion

Hi Gerd,

indeed, a very nice diorama. May I ask you where are the buildings from? I like very much the way you've painted the roofs.:+1:

Re: Prussian staff contribution: suggestion

Mr Schmitt
Hi Gerd,

indeed, a very nice diorama. May I ask you where are the buildings from? I like very much the way you\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'ve painted the roofs.:+1:
They look like the old Heljan model building kits.

I don't know if they still make them, but they sometimes pop up on ebay,

I agree with all the comments about the great painting.

Re: Prussian staff contribution

Great work! Thank you for sharing!

Re: Prussian staff contribution


this is correct...its the Danish Farm-Building from HELJAN.

Some of this old HELJAN-kits still exist.
I bought this farm building years ago...I think 1992..
It was broken into parts, so i build it up again and painted it a little bit.