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Re: Austrian Line Infantry

I have seen listed on Hannants future page , all the Hat Austrians ,ACW and British dragoons, that usually means release is immanent.

Re: Austrian Line Infantry

Yes, I too am waiting for more Austrians and in particular Hungarians, which sofar only had a few poses for Grenadiers in Italeri/Esci's Austrian set from decades ago. A range with and without greatcoats, helmets and shako's are always welcome. So is artillery and light cavalry. Strelets Austrian grenadiers in greatcoats are easily portrayed as Hungarian grenadiers in greatcoats by painting the legs blue with a yellow stripe(which obviously I have done with some of the multiple sets I have bought. They look the part. That is an advantage of troops in greatcoats. You don't have to do much to turn them into something other than intended.

Re: Austrian Line Infantry

I painted my sets of Austrian Grenadiers as Hungarians too! Love the look.
The marching sets look like one of horrible winter battles slogging forward.
I love the officer in the standing pose box. Great stuff. I am really excited about the new grenadiers that are coming.