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Re: French infantry

Bring on more French.

I like Minuteman's plan.

I like the variations of poses and boxes.

I don't actually care if they are perfect. The mistakes add charm to me. Its human. We have to strive for it, but, talking about the all mistakes is fun too.

I love the variety of poses in these units they look great. 10 marching poses, 10 standing, etc unique command squads these are so fun.

I noticed one of the Russian infantry has a small hatchet. Like that.

Re: French infantry

Im not sure we want more French that are either inadequate or suffer from noticeable mistakes. After all the whole point in calling for more French is because we already have sets like that, which we want bettered.

I think French infantry for both pre 1812 and post 1812:

Marching: (in a battlefield formation)

In attack/advance: (like has been done for the British, Bavarians etc),

And in Firing lines
Covers most eventualities.

Yes variety is always good in sets, so long as its believable.