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Re: Sarissa Precision La Haye Sainte in 20mm

Hi guys.
Yes i too used to have the Airfix version when I was a kid. All sorts of armys fought over that farm back then!!

This is indeed the version Italeri released in their Waterloo set. I bought it beginning of last year, along with the barn and stables. The main set only came with the farmhouse and frontage (and a few sprues from Italeri's Napoleonic range), so the barn and stables had to be purchased seperately. I think the main box was somthing like £65, the Barn £30 and the stables around £25.

Now the whole farm can be bought for £75 (and without Italeri's "wonderful" Napoleonic offerings!), so still pricey, but it is a high quality representation in laser cut MDF.

If only I had waited a year and a half!!!!