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Re: French infantry

Roger W
Think you hit the nail on the head Edwardian.
A box of Marching, Advancing & in action (firing/reloading etc) for both pre 1812 and post 1812 would serve everybody, wargamer and diorama builder alike.
Get the sculpting top notch (like Strelets), uniforms accurate, and a good ratio of fusiliers to flank companies in those boxes and youve got yourself boxes of French that would sell like hot cakes.

Putting in the correct ratios of centre to flank companies for the other nations would be fantastic too.
Yes, I completely agree. A quick count of 'French Line Infantry' sets on PSR indicates that there are something of the order of 50 sets already released or due for release. Granted that some of these are for 'specialist' niche applications, but even so this is a lot of French infantry sets. Some of these are in production, some not, and the range of styles, scales, sculpting, historical accuracy etc is increasingly bewildering.

However, none of these 40+ sets adequately fills the significant and continuing gap flagged up by Edwardian and Roger, that is: a set of classic French Line infantry with suitable poses for the tabletop, and with the correct proportion of fusiliers and flank companies, plus a suitable number of command figures.

HaT tried to do this with their 'big box' 1808-1812 infantry, but this set has quite a number of shortcomings, not least the strange sculpting quality and style and, for the earlier production sets, dreadful plastic. It is also not suitable for the last three years of the Napoleonic period.

So the 'perfect' set of 'late' Napoleonic infantry still eludes us. A complication is of course the change in 'regulation' uniform in 1812-13. But, if Strelets were to produce a set each of 'French Line Fusiliers (summer dress) in march attack', together with a set of 'French Flank companies (summer dress) in attack', the latter set including some skirmisher poses together with some advancing poses to mix in with the 'march attack' set, then that would go a long way towards the ideal. To do this properly the sets (and duplicate poses) would be issued in a 'pre-1812; and 'late war (post 1812)' actually, four sets in all.

Re: French infantry

Bring on more French.

I like Minuteman's plan.

I like the variations of poses and boxes.

I don't actually care if they are perfect. The mistakes add charm to me. Its human. We have to strive for it, but, talking about the all mistakes is fun too.

I love the variety of poses in these units they look great. 10 marching poses, 10 standing, etc unique command squads these are so fun.

I noticed one of the Russian infantry has a small hatchet. Like that.

Re: French infantry

Im not sure we want more French that are either inadequate or suffer from noticeable mistakes. After all the whole point in calling for more French is because we already have sets like that, which we want bettered.

I think French infantry for both pre 1812 and post 1812:

Marching: (in a battlefield formation)

In attack/advance: (like has been done for the British, Bavarians etc),

And in Firing lines
Covers most eventualities.

Yes variety is always good in sets, so long as its believable.