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Re: An ide about Bonus - figures

That pose would indeed be nice, if only because it was the only succes the Greys had before being routed by the French cavalry along with the other members of the Union brigade .
Yep, getting carried away with bloodlust was a feature of British cavalry of the period. Apparently it was a lesson still not learned from the Peninsular War.
The Royals of the same brigade captured an eagle too if im not mistaken? So maybe both could be bonus figures in a potential set?

In fact, cavalrymen carrying off enemy colours/standards could be potential bonus figures for cavalry sets?

Re: An ide about Bonus - figures

Alan Buckingham
I have always had a theory about the bonus figures, they are a way of getting the perfect set of what you want, but maybe not too many others want, all you need is your own toy soldier company and to sneak one in to each set ;-)
I have always had a theory that some of the manufacturers are just ordinary proponents of the hobby like the rest of us and that they started their own toy soldier company just to get the sets they always dreamed of having but manufacturers wouldn't produce.

I think that's OK.

When their dreams coincide with mine, I think it's excellent.
It`s OK with me too, in fact I am eternally grateful to our hobbies manufacturers for for filling their dreams and a good few of mine too.

Re: An ide about Bonus - figures

I think it's about time we had some pikemen to go with the Streltsy.

Re: An ide about Bonus - figures

Civilians, wounded and dead, camp followers all seem good ideas to me. The only stipulation I would make is that everything matched the era of the set.