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History is a mystery

Hallo Donald,

I am totally surprised that the Battle of Ligny is being depicted in Australia.

Here in Europe, the Battle of Ligny, which the Prussians fought without any hope of British support, is almost forgotten. Maybe because it wasn't a "glorious victory"... But the Prussians stopped Napoleon's advance there, forced him to battle and inflicted heavy losses on him. Without Ligny, there would have been no victory at Waterloo.

Here, in Australia, Gerd, the topics of Prussia & Ligny are rarely off people's lips.

But seriously, a few people in OZ, like any where else, know some history & the vast majority struggle to know anything that happened before last Tuesday.

And thanks for the kind words.


Re: Ligny and Quatre Bras: wargaming the historical battles

Great photos Paintdog! I especially like to admire the close-ups of the figures!