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Re: "Why are we passionate about 1:72 scale miniatures?" Continued from April 13, 2020

It's truly amazing that people from around the world have such similar experiences. 1/72 soldiers started for me when my Dad brought some Airfix Civil War Yankees and Confederates back from a business trip. A family trip to Gettysburg cemented the passion and the film Waterloo expanded my horizons (what's a Prussian?). Drifted into fly-tying and aircraft models for a while. Esci's Polish Lancers and Russian infantry brought me back, and then Revell's classic 30YW sets. I still buy sets from time to time, but never have time to paint. But I still enjoy the hobby vicariously over the internet, especially all the wonderful paint jobs you see on the various forums. I doubt my finances will allow for much free time in my old age (58 now), but if they do, maybe I will do that Ligny diorama...