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Re: More War of the Spanish Succession

Well said Chris; I have little to add except, as a dioramatist (new word?), I would love lots more civilians. Either helping; obstructing; cheering or just getting on with their lives.
….And, perhaps forming a useful addition to the WoSS 'Transport' (Carts) and 'Camp' (soldiers at ease, camp followers, servants, a tent or two, barrels etc) sets which hopefully Strelets will consider as well.

Re: More War of the Spanish Succession

I agree with all the above suggestions for more French, BRitish, civilians, artillery, carts etc. and I would humbly add: soldiers from other nations involved in the conflict. Please let us have all the pieces of the jigsaw and then let the fun & shopping increase.

Re: More War of the Spanish Succession

Great suggestions from all posters for more WSS sets, it is indeed a very colourful period and so many scenarios to game. If i may suggest that as the series is for WSS we need Spanish troops of all types plus Catalonians and Portuguese!!!

as WSS also known as 1st Penisular War

any one recall the sets by BUM/GerMan from some years back, good ideas but terrible material they used for the figures, so brittle

"No Peace without Spain" to quote slogan used at the time

cheers Old John

Re: More War of the Spanish Succession

Don´t forget me the austrians
and the battles Blenheim, Friedlingen, Schellenberg, Ramilles, Malplaquet, Chiari, Cassano, Turin, Barcelona, Villaviciosa ......