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Re: Suomi

P.S.- As for the Finnish AT guns, they would like to say:

Ready (At the ready)- Valmiina

that's ok to me

Aim (target)- osoittaa

Most likely the person giving orderts/instructions could point his hands where-ever he could because the shooter is not looking at him but through the gunsights so he would give commands like "kärkivaunu" (the leading one) or "kolmas (vaunu)" (the third (one)) or "piiska vasemmalla" (ATgun on the left) depending on what they are supposed to destroy.

Fire! (attack now)- hyökätä nyt

"Tulta!" ("fire") wuold be enough.
Attacking would mean taking the gun forward and keeping up with the advancing infantry. Not fun but necessary time to time. The Bofors (37 PstK/36) is/was quite a light piece of artillery (370 kg) but still way heavier than the 95 S 55 recoilles rifle (90+50 kg) I was trained to use. It was officially called "heavy recoilles rifle" but because no piece of weaponery is ever concidered as light by those who are to carry them around it was also known as "heavy-as-hell recoilles rifle". Ordinary infantry guys thought the piece (M72 LAW) they had were heavy extra load (2,5-3,5 kg) to drag around we in the at laughed at them when taking our Musti out for a walk in the woods ("Musti" as a common nickname for a black dog).
Actually we were supposed to keep up with the attacking infantry to provide at cover or directfire support. Easier with Musti - but still not very funny.

If somebody is much better at Finnish than I am please confirm this.

You're welcome.

I'm still not quite able to believe that someone is producing Finnish troops in 1/72. Twenty or thirty years ago it would have sounded like a bad and sour joke - or a wish without any kind of sense of reality. Something that would really be way too wonderful to be true - ever.

Re: Suomi

Indeed, thank you very much! I will write these down and stow them away safely in my random historically themed paperwork on the laptop here. :grin: