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Re: What a great Friday...

That made me smile. Sure is fun getting new figures in the mail isn't it!

Re: What a great Friday...

Alan Buckingham
More great teasers from Strelets with what looks like a dream LRDG plus tantalizing glimpses of something the postman delivers a package from the Ukraine....British Tank crew summer dress, ordered weeks ago, because I am impatient and just can`t help myself. Anyway I hoped they would be as good in the flesh as they looked on the web, they are, I cannot tell you how impressed I am with them, not a hint of flash, really clean figures, they are soaking in hot soapy water now and will be primed before the sun sets.
Nothing like a long soak in the bath after a hard day (or weeks) in transit. I'm curious to know how you will be using these new 'tankies' Alan, and which vehicles they might be sat on/loading up/running to or from?? There are enough figures in this set to provide full crews for at least a troop or two of tanks or armoured cars.

Very good figures, and good to know that they have been turned out with such a clean and flash-free production.

Re: What a great Friday...

Well funnily enough the plan was use them as LRDG have moved on since placing the order ! ;-). But my first thought on seeing the kneeling guy with the pistol , was cut away the pistol, cut him on the belt line at the waist, fix a new set of legs and you can have standing firing a Vickers/.30/.50 on the back of a Chevrolet or seated as the commander next to the driver, at least half the set work as other LRDG guys. The standing firing guy and the running guy are more difficult to visualize, so they are both under the brush right now as test painted figures, the firing guy is almost finished and will post a pic on the facebook groups tomorrow. But they also work very well as designed as Tank crew and I can picture in my minds eye , a refuel re arming scenario , as well as driving about the desert, some figures my need lower halves removed to fit in tanks, but they are in scale and spot on for the desert ,So I will probably get at least one more box for more conversions and allowing for me making a pigs ear of some in the process.

Re: What a great Friday..

Thank you Alan, interesting reading and some good ideas. Certainly I see the value of this set in several ways, not least in providing tank commanders/crew, and I may also use some of the figures as recovery crews (with some conversion).

Enjoy the painting!

Incidentally, here's a good Pathe clip of a tank recovery crew 'in action', in this case recovering a Crusader II:

The crew in this film are in steel helmets, but my guess is that for much of the time a more comfortable form of headgear would have been worn.

Re: What a great Friday..

Interestingly the LRDG always carried helmets ,every man, but are never photographed wearing them, probably because they were on worn in combat and they were all armed with guns and not camera`s at the time. I think the same goes for others , if under fire helmets on, if not go for comfort.