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Re: Austrian High Command for Napoleonic Wars

I would happily agree with some more general staff for all of the nations but yes Austria certainly could use some more.

Perhaps some mounted "personality" figures with the new standard of sculpting (men & horses), would be welcomed for each of the nations too?

As for Artillery I would like to see the gaps that exist filled for sure.
Austrian horse artillery, Prussian Horse artillery, Russian horse artillery & definately a proper & accurate set of post 1812 French Foot Artillery.

Re: Austrian High Command for Napoleonic Wars

I would like a few sets of Hungarian infantry with helmet and shako with greatcoat and in summer gear. Austrian artillery, not in greatcoat sounds very appealing. An Austrian command set could be nice as long as they also include Hungarians. Surprisingly enough nobody has sofar made Hungarian cavalry i.e. Hussars, although they appear to find their origine on the Hungarian puszta. As far as the other artillery sets are concerned, when can I buy them?!

Re: Austrian High Command for Napoleonic Wars

The original Strelets Austrian generals are nice but as said above be good to have some mounted. Some Austrian or Hungarian infantry would be useful.

Re: Austrian High Command for Napoleonic Wars

They do look like fun but I don't have a set! The Russina and Prussian set was great too . I made Saxon commands out of some of mine.

Re: Austrian High Command for Napoleonic Wars

Yes a very good suggestion Generals and ADC's could consist of 12 mounted figures four high ranking officers or personalities, six low ranking officers, two ADC's and we could have one set for each of the main protagonist France, Britain, Russia, Austria and Prussia.

We could also have mixed sets of Wellington's Allies such as Portugal, Spain, Brunswick, the Netherlands etc. and Napoleon's Allies which could consist of Bavaria, Wurttemburg, Poland and Saxony.

Artillery sets another excellent suggestion I would like to see four crew loading and four crew firing poses, an officer, an NCO and two guns as a minimum, more figures and guns could be added if room permits.

Horse teams with Limbers and Ammunition Caissons could be in separate sets.

My most wanted Artillery sets are as follows:

Austrians in summer uniform with Bicornes

Prussian Horse Artillery

French Foot Artillery 1812-1815 Bardin uniform

French Foot Guard Artillery

Re: Austrian High Command for Napoleonic Wars

Great to narrow it down on the artillery. Those are pretty much my first choices too. great illustrations.