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Re: Box-Art Bavarian infantry in attack

James Fisher
It can be a topic for future \'spot the error\' quizzes, just like the lance on the Airfix cuirassiers\' box! :)

All the sets in the coming release seem to now be on the website, what a magnificent lot it is for we eager 1/72 collectors/wargamers/diorama-makers/hoarders/...

I have my order in with my \'local\' supplier and shall look forward to them reaching our shores (in a coupla months!).

Thank you yet again, wonderful team-Strelets!!

it's quite extraordinary, but I had never paid attention to: "the spear on the box of Airfix :smile: cuirassiers". Thanks for this fun detail. I still get to this day to learn about things I had before my eyes . . . . Thank you, really thank you very much, James :smile:
Dear Herve,

I cannot claim any credit for this one. There was a discussion about this box art on this very forum back in March this year:

Scroll down about half-way to the post by 'Samogon' and the other posts from there.

Kind regards,


Re: Box-Art Bavarian infantry in attack

There is and has been some great box art for plastic warriors in 1/72...and some which is distinctly less good. The Airfix Cuirassiers is one case of bizarre historical inaccuracy; another from the same company which I always wonder at is the Romans set; a Hollywood-style Centurion with drawn sword in the middle of Rome (surely an arrest-able offence??) appears imminently to be mown down by a four-horse chariot which has escaped from the Coliseum. Not a legionary, auxiliary archer or pilum in sight.

A great contrast to some of the very fine box art that various artists produced for Airfix over the years. What were they thinking of when they produced this Romans box??

Re: Box-Art Bavarian infantry in attack

If you want a thread on box-art, how about this one: Prussian dragoons without saber might be a topic. Fortunately, the masters do show them with their blades.:wink:

Re: Box-Art Bavarian infantry in attack

My favourite is the Prussian Uhlans box artwork.
That horse obviously didnt like the baby much!!!

Re: Box-Art Bavarian infantry in attack


She says:: ...

... Hey, you sucker, that's your son! (ok, she's not talking to the horse ... :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: )