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Buying Strelets

Where is the best place to pickup these figures.I've checked some of the big shops but the don't really have a great selection. Any help would be great.

Re: Buying Strelets

scroll down some on the page,there is a thread with some suggestions.

Re: Buying Strelets

I like rebel alpha on Ebay. He has a stop named Scott's Model Shop, and has an entire section with pages of Stretlets figure sets. I believe that his price is around $8.99 a box. Service is prompt, and he combines shipping and refunds the extra you have paid using Paypal. My only reservation is that he isn't quick in getting some of the new sets. I have been waiting for quite a while to see the last several War of the Spanish Succession offerings. All in all, a very good place to look.

Oooookay. I just went to that site

and darned if he didn't just post what I have been waiting for.....and they are $8.99 a box. French Musketeers and Marching does, here I come.