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Re: Napoleonic Infantry in Square

My very first 1/72 scale set was Revell's British Infantry. I spent some time trying to arrange that into a square against HaT's earliest cavalry sets, so the topic would bring back fond memories for me.

Re: Napoleonic Infantry in Square

LoL. My thoughts predate yours, but mirror. The Airfix Scots were perfect for forming multiple lines of a square

Re: Napoleonic Infantry in Square

Yes the old Airfix sets still have their charm. The British Artillery was my favourite from that range. But they all now definately show their age up against the modern quality of sculpting and moulding, especially the recent sets from Strelets.

Just seems so bizarre that so many sets have been released by manufacturers over the years to cover the napoleonic era and Waterloo, yet one the most important formations during a battle of that time, the square, has only been made once and only recently by Waterloo1815, the Highlanders.

There are of course other battles and skirmishes where infantry had to deploy in square. Think it was Garcia Hernandez during the peninsular war where a square actually got broken.