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Re: Next War of Spanish Succession sets?

Though the WOSS is not my favourite war period, I still appreciate these fine models and will buy them, also to ensure Strelets continues to be financially successful. However, I also wish that one day we see the Hanover etc sets important during the 100 days.

Re: Next War of Spanish Succession sets?

Now that we know that the British Cavalry are on their way sometime (subject to production and shipping), and now also having had a few days to consider and talk at length about the French Pikeman set, I'm wondering what the next WoSS release(s) from Strelets might be.

It feels to me as if the time is right for the French Maison du Roi?

Perhaps some new masters for French Line cavalry as well?

I know it's not Friday yet, and I know that many on this Forum are not collecting the WoSS (and would rather have troops, camels etc for the desert: apologies to them)..but....
Agree with Minuteman.

Also happy to see the Napoleonic sets mentioned.


- More usable French Infantry, i.e. more Fusiliers (with drummers). And, hey, we've more NCOs than you could shake a half-pike at, so how about a drummer as one of the main poses?

- French line cavalry

- French Dragoons

- British Dragoons

- French Artillery

- British Artillery

- French & British Staff

Re: Next War of Spanish Succession sets?

Not really a directly related question to the thread, but what did you guys think of the HaT British Peninsular War infantry set (#8186)? It looks nice to me based off the PSR pictures, but have not owned a Napoleonic set for twenty years so curious what the overall opinion on them is.

Re: Next War of Spanish Succession sets?

Not really a directly related question to the thread, but what did you guys think of the HaT British Peninsular War infantry set (#8186)? It looks nice to me based off the PSR pictures, but have not owned a Napoleonic set for twenty years so curious what the overall opinion on them is.
The hat set is good. I have had a few boxes. As you can see on PSR, there are a selection of poses, although some of these are a bit similar. These poses are a mixture of centre companies and flank companies. Would of liked to of seen a few more defensive poses included instead of the ones that are similar. There are extra heads included, some with a belgic shako and some with a light infantry shako. These are useful not just for this set but other conversions of other figures. The plastic is a soft type (at least mine are), and there was an issue of enamel paints causing it to go brittle very quickly. I had a box of Hats french caissons made out of it and all 3 disintegrated into pieces!!!! Wasnt happy!!!!!
I have since changed over to acrylic paint and this hasnt made the plastic brittle........yet!!!
Also if you are after Peninsular War British, Emhar also makes a set. This is also a very good set which in some ways maybe even better then Hats set. Not so many figures in a box or as many poses but I like them. In fact my 28th foot (North Gloucestershire) regt for Waterloo is made up of this set and the kneeling figures of the hat set. This regt kept the stovepipe shako so both sets work for this regt.
Hope this is of some help.

Re: Next War of Spanish Succession sets?

Not really a directly related question to the thread, but what did you guys think of the HaT British Peninsular War infantry set (#8186)? It looks nice to me based off the PSR pictures, but have not owned a Napoleonic set for twenty years so curious what the overall opinion on them is.
In my opinion the Peninsular War British Infantry set is one if the best that HaT have produced. The horrible rubbery soft plastic that they used to make their sets in a couple of years ago seems to have been replaced by a more robust, somewhat harder plastic. Buy one of the re-released (recent) sets if you can. If you happen to get one of the old sets in the old plastic, wash thoroughly, then coat with white PVA glue, then prime, then paint in acrylics, not enamels. The extra heads are useful as well.

Re: Next War of Spanish Succession sets?

A great set. Hadn't realised they re-released in a better plastic

Re: Next War of Spanish Succession sets?

Thank god for that. To say i was less than impressed when my French Caissons turned into little fragments after only 6-7 months, would be a big understatement!! Especially as they were some of the best paintjobs i had done!! Nothing worse and gut wrenching then seeing all that time and effort crumble in your fingertips.

Re: Next War of Spanish Succession sets?

Thanks for the insights! Yea I can sympathize with your feelings on some of HaT's offerings; always want to like them because they offer so many sets (particularly for a primary ancient/medieval collection) but with their infantry I find there is usually some nagging issue about them that bothers me (like the aforementioned plastic quality on some of them). I have the opposite experience with Strelets, as there is usually some sort of minor historical accuracy issue with them that I think is going to be a problem but I actually end up loving the set in the end.

Re: Next War of Spanish Succession sets?

The topic of this post was new WSS sets or I am wrong?

So I will renew again that a WSS range without austrians, bavarians and dutch will been only a fragment with many missing pieces. Some troops can been created with small changes of existing figures, but many others not.

One set of each proposal with marching, advancing, shooting and loading figures would been very fine.
Cavalry: resting, advancing and attacking poses.
And please only one NCO, but 2 drummers in every infantry set.

My proposals:

1) austrian grenadiers, hungarian hussars
- the austrian cuirassiers can been created with the Waterloo Cromwell set

2) bavarian grenadiers + grenadiers a cheval

3) dutch infantry

Only 5 sets who will close the gaps and will find certainly many, many buyers....

The WSS wasn´t only a french-english war, it was a war of a huge coalition against France!

Re: Next War of Spanish Succession sets?

If Strelets were limiting the output of future WoSS sets to just 5 new sets - that is, not ones that we have so far seen master figures for - I wonder what a poll would show in terms of popularity, and which sets would actually be made?

Having released two musketeer sets (one good, one much less good) and one pikeman set coming soon (but not really needed at all), it would be good if the 'remaining five sets' could be genuinely useful and accurate ones.

Sets which model just a limited number of unit(s) in the armies of the time have a limited appeal to me. I think it is more important to have troop types which can be used for many units and have good conversion potential as well.

There is good scope for one or two additional infantry sets, these with flintlocks, not matchlocks! And one or both of these could be modelled as Dutch/Austrians, with a different style of hat (more broadbrimmed, not quite so 'tricorne'). This would look 'right' for the earlier part of the WoSS, and would have other uses as well (late 17th century).

The Bavarian/Austrian grenadier is primarily a question of headgear, but why not include 8 such figures in a box of 44 as done with the English/British infantry sets.

A good set of generic cavalry (French line preferably) with firearms more evident than swords is essential in my view. Ditto, a set of dragoons, including some on foot.

Bavarian/Austrian cuirassiers can be converted it is true. The Waterloo 1815 'Cromwell' set provides heads/helmets but does not have much else to commend it; the poses and horses are poor. I am planning to make Bavarian cuirassiers using old Strelets Swedish cavalry (with breastplates), Cromwell's cavalry heads and (probably) Italeri Prussian Napoleonic cuirassier horses with milliput pistol holsters and horse furniture. But it would be helpful to have some confirmation from Strelets that they are definitely not making these soldiers before I embark on this awkward project!!

Early 18th century Hussars would be exotic, and could be very useful for other later C18th armies as well. vote: Two more good infantry sets. Two mounted sets (French cavalry; and dragoons). One 'extra' set, Cuirassiers or hussars. Five sets in total.

Re: Next War of Spanish Succession sets?

Just a tip for those people, which are interested in the WoSS:

Re: Next War of Spanish Succession sets?


Next sets. I think to model the wider war, there are a couple of troop types which could be used for many nations. Just as suspect many of the 'British' and 'French' are ending up in other armies

Heavy Horse (French Line but sure would be close enough for others)

Command - mounted generals - they often wore whatever they fancied although some specific personality figures would certainly be nice

Grenadiers with the early bearskin - used by some French, Spanish, Imperialist units

Armoured Kuirassiers (with lobster pot helmets) used by the Imperialists, Bavarians and Danes - I ve tried Waterloo's Cromwell set but the horses and firing into each other poses dont sit right. Walking or trotting horses please

Mounted / dismounted Dragons with the Stocking hats

Garde Francais infantry - in all their glory which would also do for the similar Spanish Guards

Infantry in the ealier wide brimmed hats, still in use at the start of the war in Dutch, French and Saxon armies and no doubt others?

Its a fantastic range and I look forward to whatever comes next


PS the HaT Penisular British set is excellent

Re: Next War of Spanish Succession sets?

It is a pity that Strelets has wasted 3 of its precious WoSS slots with the unhistorical and inaccurate musketeers and pikemen. A waste of sculpting talent, too.

Let's try to get a reasonably comprehensive British v. French before moving on to other nations.

Re: Next War of Spanish Succession sets?

Sorry, that I can´t share some positions....

I am interested personally neither in generic troops neither in endless new french or british troops.

Reason 1 - really my very own criteria
Before Strelets has begun its wonderful WSS range, I had already invested much time in conversions of the generic figures of Warlords Black Powder sets, which afford many studies and still more hard time-consuming uniform- and hat-transformations.
I won´t do it again with more troops in 1/72!

Reason 2
None of the big land-battles in Europe of the WSS was fought only with british and french troops.
The british contingent of land-forces was quite limited in Europe and need always other alliance-troops
So no battle can be historical acurate refight only with french and british troops - so neither war-gamers, neither diorama-builders would been happy with only these nations....
And austrian troops participated on far more battles than the british! A WSS-range without them will been only a very amputated torso or a sad glimpse of WSS

Reason 3
I can share most of the wishes for ordinary troops, but not to have more and more very special and very limited regiments who wore uniforms which were often also changing during the war and so are useful only for some battles: Example: Royal Scots/Northern British Greys
I share too Minuteman´s idea of combined fusilier and grenadier-sets in ratio 6:3 with one NCO-figure and 2 drummers which pleased certainly more war-gamers

I appreciate very much Strelets richness of poses and passed production, but confronted with the consequence not to receive other belligrents from Strelets I would like to prefer only one set of a national infantry than 3 or more from the same kind.

at last only an idea:
1 civilian-figure in every foot-troop set will been fantastic in regard that all armies of this period had still a big amount of civilians in their ranks and supply-train

all my 3 figure-suppliers have confirmed me that all WSS-sets had very good sales figures and already 2 or more shopkeeper-orders and actually quite limited stocks - only the set 234 less sales

Re: Next War of Spanish Succession sets?

I said "first" not only. I'd like to be able to finish each army I start.

Not all nations warrant dedicated sets given the generic nature of many uniforms. Items like cuirassiers, for instance, could be made for one nation and used for 2. British infantry repaints to Dutch and Danish.

No good planning how sets could be done where they have already been done. 3 British infantry sets was perplexingly excessive, but welcome. 3 out of 5 French sets are beautiful duds, so leaving them short by comparison.

Strelets is proving wayward and willful in this range's output. Sometimes that works out. Sometimes not. The quality is there and I am so grateful that we have such beautifully sculpted figures for this period. I just hope for rational and accurate choices, rather than pretty, but pretty useless stuff.