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Re: Admiring Crimean Figures - Wow!

Funny, I also just recently got interested in the Crimean war. I read a book about the Baltic campaign and got interested especially in the Finnish-Russian forces involved. So Russian line infantry is my favourite now. Expecting to get Orlando Figes book about the war soon.
Yes a great line of figures by Steele's! I have a soft spot for sieges with heavy artillery involved, Speira miniatures has some great ACW heavy artillery that works for me :)

Re: Admiring Crimean Figures - Wow!

I mean strelets of course...

Re: Admiring Crimean Figures - Wow!

yes, a great range and full of action-oriented figures. i chose to blend a few Crimean sets
into my Napoleonic armies because of the great sculpts and the ability to increase the number of "green" and "red" troops. a sacrilege, i know, to mix different eras, but at this
scale, some of the Crimean sets(British Line,Russian Uhlans,Don Cossacks)are not too
dissimilar to soldiers of an earlier time.

Re: Admiring Crimean Figures - Wow!

I've enjoyed recruiting some of these sets for other Campaigns or Wars, also!

Actually, I bought several of the Crimean Russian Naval Artillery sets in both Silver and Terracotta to use as ACW cannons. I also swopped the barrels with each other to mix up the color combo using one side USA and the reverse combo CSA.

I have also enjoyed using the Turkish Army and Turkish Artillery (Set 111) to stand in for Gordon Pasha's Egyptian Army to fight in Khartoum. I like that Fez look!

Re: Admiring Crimean Figures - Wow!

I like the Fez look too! I have to get those guys.