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Re: Rebel pikemen

In the old Red Badge of Courage movie they mentioned Union lancers which I had never heard of.
Now Rebel pikemen! I learn something new about history every day it seems.
An interesting idea.
All the best! Cappy
Cappy, AFAIK it's true....something we're told is stranger than fiction.

I'm sure many of us have "collected" snippets of weird military facts.
Did you know the Duke of Wellington had affairs with two of Napoleon's ex-amours? Trying to prove something?

regards, donald

Re: Rebel pikemen

Or a set of British Waterloo-period infantry with long-bows.

Yes, it was suggested at the time!

Re: Rebel pikemen

I'd like to see sets of Rebel (Irish) pikemen circa 1798! Plus British militiamen, etc., etc.