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Re: Admiring Crimean Figures - Wow!

It was always great to see this conflict given some serious attention. Like you, I really like the range Strelets have produced.

My favourite sets were probably the British grenadiers in winter dress, French Line Infantry and Russian Line Infantry. Best figures of all were the command bonus figures from all the 'big box' series. Wonderfully imaginative. :smile:

Re: Admiring Crimean Figures - Wow!

Funny, I also just recently got interested in the Crimean war. I read a book about the Baltic campaign and got interested especially in the Finnish-Russian forces involved. So Russian line infantry is my favourite now. Expecting to get Orlando Figes book about the war soon.
Yes a great line of figures by Steele's! I have a soft spot for sieges with heavy artillery involved, Speira miniatures has some great ACW heavy artillery that works for me :)

Re: Admiring Crimean Figures - Wow!

I mean strelets of course...

Re: Admiring Crimean Figures - Wow!

yes, a great range and full of action-oriented figures. i chose to blend a few Crimean sets
into my Napoleonic armies because of the great sculpts and the ability to increase the number of "green" and "red" troops. a sacrilege, i know, to mix different eras, but at this
scale, some of the Crimean sets(British Line,Russian Uhlans,Don Cossacks)are not too
dissimilar to soldiers of an earlier time.

Re: Admiring Crimean Figures - Wow!

I've enjoyed recruiting some of these sets for other Campaigns or Wars, also!

Actually, I bought several of the Crimean Russian Naval Artillery sets in both Silver and Terracotta to use as ACW cannons. I also swopped the barrels with each other to mix up the color combo using one side USA and the reverse combo CSA.

I have also enjoyed using the Turkish Army and Turkish Artillery (Set 111) to stand in for Gordon Pasha's Egyptian Army to fight in Khartoum. I like that Fez look!

Re: Admiring Crimean Figures - Wow!

I like the Fez look too! I have to get those guys.