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Re: Nice Week-End!

"Or maybe this is an opportunity to have set made up of three sprues: a sprue of 10 commanders and generals: and then a couple of sprues (10 figures each) of extra line officers, NCOs, standard bearers and musicians for that particular army. The Strelets format of 4 x 10 figure sprues and one command sprue doesn't really provide enough command figures, especially for wargames units of around 20-24 figures.

These boxes could simply be called, for example: "Russian command: Napoleonic wars"; "Austrian command: Napoleonic wars" etc etc "

This is exactly what I was thinking too! I second this suggestion.

All my other Napoleonic units are 24 figures. It works great with those 48 boxes from Hat and others.

I would gladly buy more of those command sprues. They new ones are particularly awesome too.

I just bought 8 boxes of Russian Infantry. I would love to buy a box or two of extra command sprues from those boxes with a sprue or two of generals, and some casualty figures!

Casualty figures, or figures showing states of "disorder", are great for wargaming. I love the figures in the Crimean range where two guys are helping a third. Having a way to show 1, 2, or 3 disorders on a unit with casualty figures looks awesome.

Re: Nice Week-End!

Superb. Excellent staff work.

I'm having a War and Peace moment ...