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Re: French Musketeers Marching

I'm very pleased with most of the poses in this set, and in fact the better ones in my view are the advancing poses....which do make up 50% of this set (as Master Kunz has validly pointed out, in his own style). But all are perfectly useable for tabletop formations.

I'd also question whether even the keenest-eyed wargamer would spot that these are matchlocks rather than flintlocks seen from more than about 12-18 inches above the table. Having spent ages modifying firearms (barrels and locks) on some Redbox Renaissance Italian infantry in the past, for the sake of expediency I've decided not to play around too much with the locks on these muskets, and will simply put a blob of gunmetal paint in the required area and keep it at that!

More sets with these poses, which are so good for wargames units, will be most welcome.