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Re: Would Strelets be interested in doing a series on the American War Of Independance?

Fascinating era (as previously noted by you guys I think it is fair to say historians pretty much consider the Seven Years' War and American Revolution as intricately related to the point that they are inseparable), but I sympathize with toy soldier and PC game companies on this topic because it is egregiously difficult to simulate. This is in large part because of the aforementioned distinctiveness of the factions and units, which featured everything from Virginia Militia in purple hunting shirts to the almost Prussian looking uniforms of the Hesse-Kassel Grenadiers to the Cubano Militia who were raised by the Spanish Empire to defend Havana in 1778. The most thorough attempt I have ever seen to show all of these at the same time was a modification for Empire: Total War called 'TAR' (The American Revolution). It had a spectacular 500+ different unit types modelled into it, and that was just for 1775-1783 scenarios!

The problem with this is it is hard to make a profit off of any one set for the era while maintaining decent historical accuracy, as there are only so many people who are going to pay for something like French-Canadian Militia or representations of Culpeper County Militia in 1775-76 (sadly). This is in stark contrast to something like STRM012, which can comfortably be used to represent basically any faction which used Catholic European Men-at-Arms from the late 12th Century AD (including the Kingdoms of England, Scotland, Portugal, France, Castile, Bavaria, etc.). So I would love to see some sets for this era as well, but I can see why companies such as HaT have avoided it or pulled out previously.