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Re: Two

Thank you! :sunglasses:

Re: Two

Dear TheBabylonian109,

apart from some re-runs, we don't have such sets in a pipeline at the moment, although we had some plans for a set, that you suggested in another thread.

Best regards from

Adherent of Empire Total War
Dear Strelets and TheBabylonian 109, it's funny, I was a adherent of the age of the empire, and right now I'm a player in the series "Total War". Like what, we are a fairly closed club, bringing together the same passions. . . .

Have a nice weekend

Re: Two

Indeed! I remember the Maratha Confederacy invasion of the European continent well in Empire. :joy:

Re: Two

Thanks you so much Strelets for closing another gap in WW1 essentials!

Re: No friday candy?

Is it a 37mm Mle 1916 Infantry Gun?

HaT a very long time ago were going to produce a heavy weapons set for WW1 French which included this but without the optional wheeled version. It disappeared into the ether along with many other interesting ideas.

Re: No friday candy?

Yes, this could be early anti-tank guns from WW 1...

Perhaps a Canon d'Infanterie de 37 modèle 1916 TRP ??

Used by french and american troops during WW 1..;

In action:

Re: No friday candy?

Dear Strelets team,

I think that, besides some Greek hoplites, we would also love to see a set made of your beautiful Roman emperors and centurions which appeared in the big box "Roman Legion" which nowadays can't be found anywhere.

Hope you will take into consideration this request, I wish all the best to all,


Re: No friday candy?

Disappointing no plans for medieval, I would love to see Nikephorian Byzantines to take on the Normans in Italy and Islamic armies in the middle East.