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Greek Phalanx Formation Hoplites?

Just curious, which of you would be interested in petitioning Strelets or Linear-A (preferably Strelets for me) for a proper shield wall style Greek Hoplite set, c.early 5th Century BC if I had a choice of date? I would be hoping for something similar to STRM001, 003-004, etc. except it is little armored hoplites running around in formation. Naturally I have some hopes for the Linear-A marching Greek hoplites that are coming soon, but a proper phalanx of spears would be amazing! I also think it is one of the most clear gaps in the pre-1783 AD eras of the scale, as previous sets have struggled to conjure up a proper formation without massive amounts of remodeling.

Have a nice day!


Re: Greek Phalanx Formation Hoplites?

Yes. And this would be perfect for Linear-A's new mini-set format where there will be 4-5 poses. This will allow the customer to buy however many boxes they would need to build a phalanx of a size of their choosing...same could be done for a Roman testudo...

Re: Greek Phalanx Formation Hoplites?

I would love to see them produced by Strelets

Re: Greek Phalanx Formation Hoplites?

I support my friends wish. Greek Hoplite phalanx to go along 2 previous set from ZVEZDA, Greeks and Spartan.