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Re: Battle of the Pontes Longi

Thank you all for your kind comments, I am happy with your appreciation.
Good day.

Re: Battle of the Pontes Longi

Paint dog
Also agree.

Can I also comment on the fact that the barbarians are spear or club armed? Figure manufacturers tend to make too many figures carrying the far rarer sword. It\'s nice to see the care you\'ve taken to make this more historical.

I agree Donald, a particularly interesting looking set. They are Caesar #40 Ancient Germans, it took me a while to find them. Not a set that I have, but on the wishlist now!
(#64 Celt Warriors looks good too)

Re: Battle of the Pontes Longi

The diorama is full of action, very nicely composed. Well done Alberto! I like the use of slightly muted colours eg: the reds on the Roman shields are not too bright, which looks to my eye as realistic. The skin tones on the barbarian warriors also look very good.

Re: Battle of the Pontes Longi

thank you very much, I tried to be as realistic as possible to reconstruct the drama of the moment, I believe that using "dirty" colors can be a solution.

Re: Battle of the Pontes Longi

Wonderful diorama and painting.

Great work !!! :bow: