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Re: Masters for British Cavalry

To give the English/British at least one more set to match their manifold French enemies, one might consider doing the Royal North British Dragoons (later known as the Scots Grays) mounted in their mitre caps.
The Scots Greys received their mitre 1706/07 after the battle of Ramilles. Their last action in the war was the battle of Malplaquet in september 1709.

So they wore the mitre in this war only 2,5 years. Not very long, so I think your proposal is very special and time-limited, sorry. Other troops which can be used for more battles and fights seems me more attractive....

Re: Masters for British Cavalry

Agreed!!! The British cavalry set will serve many purposes and really does not need a set of RNB Horse. On this occasion (as a Brit) I don't care how many other nations' sets are produced by Strelets..just so long as it includes, at the least, French Light (Leger) cavalry and French Dragoons..keep those French horsemen coming….

Re: Masters for British Cavalry

Bound to agree again.

The Scots Greys with caps would be contemporary with Horse with the cuirass, son would not fit with the Strelets set under discussion.

I recall illustrations of the RNB Dragoons of the period both with and without lace. Ditto Foot Guards, actually.